Famous Hiking Sites Around Kathmandu Valley

January 9, 2018

Nepal known as the country of Himalayas is a perfect location for hiking and trekking. Plenty of beautiful places are there where you can enjoy this beautiful journey.   So, these are the famous locations for hiking around the Kathmandu valley.


Nagarjun hill trek is one of the nearest hiking destination. Nagarjun trek is a part of shivapuri national park. Nagarjun hike is a popular, short and easy hiking near Kathmandu. This hill is also widespread pilgrimage sites for Hindus and Buddhist. The mountain is named after the person who lived in the cave of this hill. There’s also another cave of Buddha. This Buddha cave offers peace state of mind and good place to meditate. Nagarjun hill offers amazing scene for hikers like view of mountains, forest, rocks and this site is perfect place to capture moments.

Namo Buddha

Namobuddha is one of the most main pilgrimage sites in the Kathmandu Valley. It is particularly significant to Tibetan Buddhists. It is linked with one of the Jataka Tales, which narrate the previous lives of the Buddha. The beautiful and Colorful prayer flags and pilgrims border the white stupa and a engraved stone slab recounts the tale. The 2-hour walk over fields, plantations and small villages is very enjoyable and offers an outstanding sight of rural life.


Kakani is popular for amazing and spectacular mountain view of Annapurna (8091m/ 26,545ft), Lantang lirung (7245m/ 23,763ft) , Manasalu (8165m/ 26,781ft), Ganesh Himal (7446m/ 24,422ftand 20 other mountains over 6000 meters (19,680ft) above sea level. This place offers   the natural beauty of the Kathmandu Valley, the people and their culture and traditions. It is a one day beautiful trip from Kathmandu.


Phulchowki is one of the noticeable peaks which has a height of 2829m/ 9050ft. It surrounds the Kathmandu valley. This name of the mountain suggests (Phul means flower in Nepali) that, It is a natural Garden of flowers. This peak is a opulent grove of rhododendrons of several hues. A jeep able road takes you to the highest of the hill where there is a Buddhist shrine. A youthful hiker outlooks a good chance of cimlbing the peak in a slight more than three hours. The place has all the features to make it as a resort area.


The hiking of Shivapuri begins from Budhanilkantha , with the alternate  option end at Nagarkot or Dhulikhel.  Budhanilkantha gives you the chance to see the ancient statue of Lord Vishnu sleeping on a bed of snakes. Outstanding panoramic sight of snowcapped Himalayan peaks and a wonderful view of the sunset and sunrise, with the magical variation of color that they yield on the mountains, will be perceived from the slopes of Shivapuri, which is  the second highest hill in the Kathmandu Valley. The rim of the valley rim lies between 1800 and 2800m and in spring gives early flowering rhododendrons.

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